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Picasso and the Theater

"Thanks to Alix and Bish Sharma for their exceptional editorial work," p. 12

- Max Hollein, Director of the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main


Hans Purrmann, Aquarelle und Gouachen

"... very thankful to (among others) ... Alix and Bish Sharma ... it is becauase of them that the watercolors of Hans Purrmann can be published in so fine a form...," p. 9

- Christian Lenz and Felix Billeter


Meret Oppenheim Retrospective

"... grateful ... Alix and Bish Sharma for their competent assistance," p. 18

- Therese Bhattacharya-Stettler, Kunsthaus Bern


The Zero Era: The Schönberg Lenz Collection: Living in Art

"Eva Clausen was a wonderful editor as was Alix and Bish Sharma who were responsible for the English edition," p. 10

Gerhard Lenz


Cézanne & Giacometti: Paths of Doubt

"Apart from the authors, we would like to thank ... Bish and Alix Sharma for the excellent catalogue." p. 8

- Poul Erik Tojner, Director of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark


Philip Guston: Roma

"Alix Sharma-Weigold and Bish Sharma provided careful copyediting of the English texts," p. 21

Peter Benson Miller


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